Because It’s Time for Prototypes

CNC Machining, 3D Printing Services, Vacuum Casting and Sheet Metal Fabrication, Are all methods for extremely Rapid manufacturing of Prototypes and Mockups

Coredeq presents an extensive range of manufacturing techniques to fulfill your distinct needs and preferences. For instance, our CNC machining services cater to both small and large production runs, accommodating projects of any intricacy and material choice. With our user-friendly Instant Quoting Engine, receive a quote within 24 hours, guiding you to the optimal manufacturing approach. Subsequently, we expedite the creation of your accurate metal or plastic components, delivering them to your doorstep in as few as 10 days.


CNC Machining

Our 5-axis mills, grinders, and lathes ensure no geometry is too intricate, guaranteeing comprehensive manufacturing capabilities.


3D Printing

Also known as Additive Manufacturing. Our
high experience in different methods (FDM, SLS, SLA) and materials means that almost everything is possible.


Vacuum Casting

This adaptable technique emulates Injection Molding, crafting intricate polyurethane parts without costly metal tools.


Sheet Metal Fabrication

For achieving the intended form, processes encompass cutting, bending, punching, and welding, guaranteeing meticulous precision and accuracy.

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