Because It’s Time for Injection Molding Tools Export

Explore your ultimate hub for mold making supplies for mass production right here at Coredeq. Renowned and empowered by our trusted partners, we specialize in delivering all-encompassing solutions that perfectly align with your needs.

Count on us to provide cost-effective production molds and top-tier exported molds, perfectly tailored to meet the requirements of your projects. In addition to our comprehensive mold-making services, Coredeq ensures that your tools are customized precisely to your specifications. We adhere to the European standard, commonly known as the Hasco standard, to guarantee the utmost quality and compatibility with your requirements. We ensure efficient processes with:

Tool Making: Usually 5 to 7 weeks, prioritizing precision and timeliness, contingent on part size and complexity.

Shipping: Effortlessly delivering to global ports in approximately 30 days, including Europe and beyond. Your seamless journey with us begins


Your design or ours

We can create and deliver export molds based on your existing design or assist in designing one tailored to your product and injection molding equipment. To proceed, we'll need your injection machine details. You'll receive a 3D tooling design for approval before production begins.


Wide range of molding tools

After approved Tool-DFM (Design For Manufacturability) the mold will be designed and built normally according to the HASCO (European) standard. It will be optimized for production on your injection molding machine with details on hot runner system and cooling line connections already prepared for your existing setup. Pilot and short production runs are available upon mold completion, such as for bridging a production tooling gap.


Fast Turnaround

Our large facility and machining capabilities allow us to build molds quickly, whatever the application or material, which means you can get your moldings completed faster. Our customers will have chances to view the mold(s) via live video or recorded video. Test run will be performed in our factory and samples will be submitted to customers for approval.


Cost-Efficient Shipping Solutions

Shipping a 20ft container to Europe ranges from $1500 to $3000 USD. We offer door-to-door service for 5800 kgs or 1.3 cubic meters to Central Europe at a flat rate of $2500 USD, ensuring cost-effective and convenient shipping.

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